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February 5, 2013 - The Day I Will Hit Bookstore

Some of February 2013 book series continuations that I watch out for :-)



The story is about Juliette who has got a special gift (or curse) because her touch is fatal (can you imagine?!?). We can observe how she deals with this 'problem' but it's more than personal ad there are people who want to use here as a weapon (!!). In third book Unravel Me we can see more of her personal struggle, you know - everyone wants to love and to be loved :-) The author Tahere Mafi is young and she writes good for YA (that's fair). So far she published 3 books (3rd to be in Feb) and no. 4 is planned for fall of this year. I love those book covers (!!) so here the are all of them :-) 


The next book series belongs to Ally Carter. What's interesting the title of her last book - Perfect Scoundrels wasn't made up the the author (!!) but by her editor - brilliant - as she describles her on her homepage. And there's more behind the story. Ally Carter loves heist stories that's why she started writing Heist Series (all covers above). But this book is something more, it's kind of con book. 

She writes about Perfect Scoundrels:

It was one of the more challenging books I’ve written lately because it was the most personal heist story yet.  We weren’t stealing something.  We were stealing someone. [!!!]  And as Kat and her crew know very well, love is the biggest con of all.


That must be something! Can't wait!


Both books Unravel Me  will hit the bookstore on February 5.


And so will I !!! :-)